Philosophy Storyboard
Updated: 9/10/2020
Philosophy Storyboard

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  • The charges arose as Socrates went through Athens, offering his teachings to anyone who wished to listen.
  • Among these men were sons of the wealthy, and those with time for leisure.
  • These sons took it upon themselves to do as Socrates does, going so far as to imitate the way he talks and the manner in which he carries himself.
  • They used their newfound "inquisition" to investigate the ways of common people, often bringing out or revealing information that is quite sensitive or personal.
  • Needless to say, the people of Athens didn't take it too kindly...
  • Who could have inspired such harsh judgement in the minds of Athens' youth?
  • And so, tracing these teachings back to the source, Socrates was convicted of corrupting the minds of the young.
  • Curse you, Socrates! You drive the youth of Athens to expose the faults of others. You are a teacher most vile!
  • Socrates now stands before a jury of 500, defending his case... and his life.
  • I'd ask what I could have taught them but it seems that you are all clueless as to the answer!
  • You press these charges against me so quickly?
  • To think that I have taught them anything more than inquiry...
  • You have accused me of planting evil deeds in the minds of men, and yet not one man seems to know what I have planted.
  • Can he make it through??? Tune in next week for more...