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Updated: 10/19/2020
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  • The atmosphere is where most of the new carbon dioxide (mixture of carbon and oxygen) goes to.After they leave the atmosphere the carbon may move on to plants or the ocean.this neither adds or removes from the atmosphere
  • Atmosphere
  • the ocean surface is a good place for phytoplankton to live.phytoplankton is a small organism that uses photosynthesis to take in some of the carbon from the atmosphere.After this the plankton may die and release the carbon into the deep ocean or the plankton may be eaten by a marine creature and the creature will now hold the carbon.this part of the cycle removes carbon from the atmosphere
  • ocean surface
  • marine life
  • Dead plankton has been eaten by some animals in the water.the animals have taken in the carbon.the carbon will stay in them till they die then the carbon may be will be passed to a different animal or it will go to the deep sea.this part of the cycle removes carbon from the atmosphere
  • The animal or phytoplankton has died and hasn't been eaten.the carbon will stay here for a long time sometimes even coming up after centuries.the carbon has been removed from the atmosphere
  • deep ocean
  • The plants on land take in some carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.they do this through photosynthesis.this causes a large decrease in carbon in the atmosphere.they will release the carbon after they die into the soil
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