Storyboard 2
Updated: 4/1/2020
Storyboard 2

Storyboard Text

  • Remorse
  • Conscience
  • Decisions
  • Should I take a chance and try to keep all 20 men alive?
  • Or should I go on best odds and have only 5 men stay alive for sure?
  • The 5 men felt remorse for all of their crewmates that died
  • Heroism
  • The Captain had a good conscience and did what he thought was right
  • Theme #1
  • The Captain was in charge, therefore had to make all the decisions including the life and death of his crew
  • Theme #2
  • The Captain sacrificed himself so the 5 men with families could live even though he could've stayed alive and put his needs infront of the soldiers
  • One theme that comes to mind while reading this book is to always do what you think is right even if it doesn't benefit you
  • Another message in this story is that putting other's needs before your own induces great amounts of heroism and respect for others.