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Maximum Ride
Updated: 10/12/2020
Maximum Ride
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  • This is the Flock they are mutants from a place called the School, were they were tested on and made to what they are now.They have been running away from them for awhile, there is Maximum Ride , Fang, Angel, Gasman, Nudge and Iggy , both of them can fly and have super strength and Iggy can notice stuff others cant and can remember stuff even though she is blind. .
  • But then just when they thought they lost the school they came to their doorstep but they were there for Angel. They sadly managed to get her with there Erasers which also have super strength and can turn into wolfs one of them used to be a test subject his name was Ari . The flock immediately realized they needed to get Angel before they hurt her, so they had to go back to the school.
  • Eventually they found Angel at the School on the way Max got to help a kid who was getting bullied and told others about her wings . But everyone got Angel because they got captured when they were trying to find Angel but eventually busted out .
  • After they escaped the School they went back to a place where they are hiding out they talked to Angel about what happened to her they found out that they had parents which they did not know they also found out that if they wanted to find more information on themselves they should go to New York and find a place called the Institute. So that meant they were going on a road trip.
  • When the Flock reached New York it was a whole new world also something new that happened is Max started to have major headaches were she would see things and she started hearing a voice in her head. They also encountered erasers that they kept getting away from them but they would always find them, this is because Max has a tracker on her put in her when she was a kid.
  • Eventually everyone made it to the Institute but wha they found was there information and other animals and kids like them they decided to bring them with them but got caught by erasers but then Max killed one of them it was Ari. The flock got away and camped at a beach were they looked at the document that contained there information it turns out they did have parents and all they had to do now was find them.
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