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Updated: 4/23/2020
Unknown Story

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  • UP
  • T R I C K S
  • slee ve
  • Mabel's
  • ,I completely forgot about my iguana, Fluffy! How am I supposed to move across country with him?
  • 16 hours until flight
  • What am I to do? Let's brainstorm!
  • Options:put him in a kennel -> too lategive him away-> too late and noooo :(certifying iguana as service animal and legally taking it on plane-> too late :(bring him with you secretly on the plane-> only option
  • 15 hours until flight
  • OK, you're just going to go up my sleeve now.
  • 4 hours until flight
  • stop squirming!
  • Terminal 3
  • 2 hour until flight
  • Security
  • I hope they dont notice Fluffy! I hope they don't notice Fluffy!
  • Phew!!
  • 1 hour until flight