The Stamp Act

Updated: 2/11/2021
The Stamp Act

Storyboard Description

The first mayor event before The Declaration of Independence.

Storyboard Text

  • Why havent we gone to war with britain yet?
  • March 18, 1765
  • I dont know.. i think we should go while they are still from the French and Indian war.
  • Do you remember that we benefited the American Colonist with this war?
  • What if we increase the taxes so they shoulder part of the war cost?
  • And that's how the british decided that they would increase the tax of the paper so they can get money to pay off the war.
  • yes!!
  • That the best idea i ever heard!!!
  • Didn't you hear? The king started taxing us to pay his dept of war.
  • .
  • We should do something!!!
  • Hey!! I would like to buy one deck
  • Wait!! Wy is it more expensive than last week??
  • Two days later, the Americans started a protest agains the British
  • NO taxification without representation!!
  • No tax!!!
  • Later that day...
  • Get out!! we aren't going to pay that dumb tax.
  • Hey!! I came to collect you tax.
  • And that's how everything started...
  • Oh no!!we need even more money to cover the debt. But don't tell me that the Americans are thinking of becoming independent