English character narrative

Updated: 5/19/2020
English character narrative

Storyboard Text

  • Im so bored alone at recess. Im scared to make friends ☹️.
  • Look at James, he don't have any friends.
  • He's so lonely... should i be friends with him?
  • Yea, he looks sad.
  • I..Im scared to make friends. Because last time i had fake friends.
  • H...Hi. My name is James. Who are you? What do you want?
  • Do you wanna be my friend? i can help you make friends.
  • Sure.
  • I've seen you alone and lonely many times when recess. Why don't you make friends?
  • Hi! My name is Anny. What's your name?
  • Go and say Hi to them. Ask if you can be their friend.
  • Hi, Im James. Can i be your friend?
  • OK.
  • Sure!