How a Bill Becomes a Law (Part 2)

Updated: 10/13/2021
How a Bill Becomes a Law (Part 2)

Storyboard Text

  • Bill Passes the Senate
  • That was pretty close again!
  • The cloture motion has received 61 votes reaching 60 votes required for cloture. The bill shall be voted upon now
  • There is a vote to now close the debate and vote on bill.
  • The bill has gotten 80 yays and 20 nays. The bill passes the Senate. Since there is no change from House version, the bill doesn't need a conference committee and will now go to the president.
  • We may as well just vote if it is going to pass anyway.
  • President Signs or Veto the Bill
  • President has signed the bill. It will go into effect this election.
  • Don't think President will veto this bill.
  • The Bill Goes into Effect
  • It is nice that they passed the early voting bill. Now I can vote early and the process just became a lot better and easier.