Updated: 10/6/2021

Storyboard Text

  • First Muslims go to Mecca and in the middle of the mosque is the Kabbah. People believ the Kabah was built by the Prophet and his son 4000 years ago
  • Muslims go betweens 2 mounts callec 'Safa' and 'Marwa'. This helps them rember when Hagar and her son were in a desert with no water when a spring of water sprung up. Now Muslims drink from it.
  • Hajja
  • They camp in Mina and throw small stones at 3 stone pillars which symbolise the devil.
  • Hajj
  • Everyone goes to Arafta which is where they pray for the whole day. Then after sunset they go to Muzdalifah.
  • The men shave their hair and sacrifice an animal as peformed by the Prophet Ibraham.  The day is known as Eid-ul-Adah
  • Lastly pilgrims return to Mecca where they circle the Kabah 7 times. Once they are done a man is known as a Hajj and a woman is known as a 'Hajja'.