Amna Hashmi- Bell 3- The House of Dies Drear (STORYBOARD)

Updated: 6/15/2021
Amna Hashmi- Bell 3-  The House of Dies Drear (STORYBOARD)

Storyboard Text

  • The Dream in the Car Ride
  • First Warning?
  • wow!
  • The "odd children"
  • What are you doing here?
  • In the car-ride to the new house, Thomas had a scary dream that he was walking down a forest and a man tries to grab him.
  • The Tunnel!
  • aahh, aaahh
  • aahhh,aahhh 
  • Thomas thinks by setting the furniture Mr. Pluto was giving some type of warning.
  • The Chase!
  • ?
  • When Thomas was about to go into the tunnel he had an interaction with Pesty and Mac Darrow.
  • Meeting Mr. Pluto!
  • When in the Tunnel Thomas dropped his flashlight and then he started hearing "aaahing" sounds in the tunnel so he calls for his father.
  • What was that sound?Papa, papa!
  • Someone is chasing Thomas. Is it the devil?(kind of like what he saw in his dream)
  • When Thomas out-ran the thing that was chasing him he ran home. Thomas ran home so fast, he crashed into some plates and fell under the table. He struggled to tell his parents to lock the door, but as he was trying someone knocked at the door, it was Mr. Pluto!This was the first time The Smalls' actually met Mr. Pluto.