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Warriors Summary Storyboard
Updated: 6/30/2020
Warriors Summary Storyboard
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  • Hi, I am Rusty. I was born in a Twoleg (human) home from my motherBut I never wanted to live in a Twoleg home. I wanted to be in the forest like a real cat. So one day I left home.
  • And I came across a patrol of wild cats from a clan called Thunderclan. They welcomed me in and I became an apprentiance. My best friends are named Greypaw and Ravenpaw, and my name was changed to Firepaw. Our leader is named Bluestar, and her deputy is Tigerclaw. One day I was going to be a warrior, but until then I neded to learn the ways of a clan cat.
  • Greypaw Ravenpaw Bluestar
  • There are four clans that live in the forest, Thunderclan, Riverclan, Windclan, and Shadow clan. When ever a cat dies, they go up to Star clan, and there, they live happily. The clan are generally peaceful with the occasional dispute about territory.
  • One day when I was hunting in the forest, I cam across a cat named yellowfand from Shadowclan, she was very weak so I fed her. Which was against clan rules. I was not in that much trouble because Bluestar say that waht I did, I did for the good of the clan. Then Yellowfang warned Bluestar that an attack was comming lead by the leader of Shadowclan, and that we must be ready. Shadow clan had aready chased out Windclan, and we were next.
  • The day of the battle came, and we won! Bluestar was so impressed with how well I fought, that I was made a warrior, and was given my warrior name, Fireheart. So was Greypaw, I mean Greystripe.
  • But, during the battle, Ravenpaw was not there, later he came back home and looked very distressed. I asked what was wrong and he tole me that Tigerclaw killed Redtail, the deputy just before I came. I told Greystripe, and together we brought Ravenpaw to an abandoned farm outside of Thunderclan territory when Tigerclaw would not be able to hurt him. But how would we tell Bluestar?
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