tob chapter 2
Updated: 2/25/2021
tob chapter 2

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  • Before Sin
  • After Sin
  • I hope he still loves me
  • Man vs Nature
  • My friends are coming over so dad you need to leave i'm sorry
  • People have a good/healthy relationship with God. They can see him and they live in a paradise with no depression, anxiety, or pain.
  • Man vs Himself
  • After sin, people now cannot see God. They no longer live in paradise and now they live with anxiety, work, depression, diseases, and pain
  • Man vs Man
  • A man realizes how important it is to wear his mask when he catches a deadly virus and his family has to avoid him in order to stay safe. The teenage daughter is avoiding him so she can hang with her friends
  • Man vs God
  • A woman has depression and she feels awful every day. She keeps telling herself to jump out of anxiety and fear of more pain.
  • A man has a very strong hatred towards his ex-girlfriend. She posted a picture with her new boyfriend and out of jealousy he tried to use his strengths for bad
  • A woman is in church with God and he gets distracted. She starts wondering what she will do in the past. She is more worried about dinner than God
  • I wonder what my dog is doing