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English- Day 3 Storyboard
Updated: 9/4/2020
English- Day 3 Storyboard
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Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • We're going to Chuck E. Cheese today.
  • Rising Action
  • Chuck E. Cheese
  • Rising Action
  • Did you wash your hands?
  • Yea, I did.
  • It was a calm yet boring day. The sun was blazing hot in the sky and a tiny fan rotated back and forth trying to blow it's cool air to me as I watched "Sally Bollywood" on the TV. My mom sat near me sewing her torn dress, when my dad suddenly came in saying, "We're going to Chuck E. Cheese today." After hearing this news, I started sprinting and bouncing around the house shouting, "YAY, we're going to Chuck E. Cheese!"
  • Climax
  • I hopped on the car, the excitement running through my body at the thought of Chuck E. Cheese. Seconds after we arrived I ran straight to the skee ball machine. I constantly kept trying to roll the ball into the highest hole, 50, but it kept falling into a bottomless pit beaming, you missed. I soon stomped my feet and shook my arms all over the place, frustrated at the fact that I kept missing. After playing for hours my mom called me over for some delectable pizza.
  • Falling Action
  • I slightly grazed the pizza slice when my mom asked, "Did you wash your hands?" I looked down at the grease and mucky black spots on my hand, brushing it off and replied, "Yea, I did." I thought to myself, who cares, my hand is clean enough. Plus I was too hungry that my stomach grumbled and my brain screamed, "FOOD!" After finishing the mouthwatering pizza with its' crispy crust and juicy meat, we drove back to our house.
  • Resolution
  • UGHHH!!
  • When we arrived home the sun was setting, emitting its faint orange red light into our dark shaded house. It soon reached night, and I went to bed dreaming of the grand time I had today. In the middle of the night I suddenly felt queasy with my stomach tight and head dripping wet. I rushed to the bathroom, quickly grasping the toilet as I barfed. My mouth tasted revolting like trash and my teeth tasted rubbery and rough.
  • The next day, my whole body felt weary and my head felt like it was on fire. I was then taken to the doctors, where I gradually walked into the patient room, sitting down on on the firm hard chair. I felt the chilly metal touch my back and everything went silent and still as the doctor took my heart beat. Thump! Thump! My heart went as I clenched my dress and scrunched my toes, praying to go home soon.
  • When I arrived home, I flopped and wiggled all over my bed screaming, "UGHHH." I had a stomach flu and was forced to be bedridden. I tightly crossed my arms looking out the window with my glaring eyes and firm narrow lips as my mom tried to cheer me up. I never want to go back to Chuck E. Cheese ever again I thought to myself. After this incident, I became cautious of what food I ate and made sure I always washed my hand before eating anything.
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