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Updated: 12/20/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Siddartha Gautama, a prince, lived in a palace. He escaped after seeing an old man, a sick man, and a dead man. He was horrified that all of those things would happen to him. He wanted to find the meaning of life. Siddartha joined the priests and he meditated along with them. He rarely ate and drank, and he was skin and bone. He still meditated. He was a priest for a long time. But after a while he realized that neglecting himself and his needs wasn't going to help him find his answers. So he ate and drank. The other priests left him. Siddartha then found and sat underneath a Bodhi tree.He meditated underneath the Bodhi tree, time to time eating and drinking. Until finally, after a month of meditating, he found the meaning of life. He found Nirvana, the state of enlightenment. He became the Buddha after the discovery and the Ultimate force and the universe, Brahman convinced him to teach Dharma to others. The Buddha did this, and taught for 80 years until he died. But Buddhism still stands. It spread from the monks and merchants because of the Silk Road, which let people from all around Asia trade goods and ideas. Buddhism spread because monks and nuns taught it to everyone passing by. The monks also taught what the Buddha taught: Dharma. Dharma was the meaning of life and what your purpose was in life. If a person didn't achieve their goal, they would reincarnate until they got their goal. Dharma was taught to all Buddhists and taught to others such as merchants. This was the legend of how Siddartha Gautama became the Buddha and how Buddhism began.
  • Siddartha, a prince, lived in a palace. It kept him safe from the outside but also kept him ignorant of the outside world
  • He left the role of a priest of Hinduism after seeing that he wouldn't find his answers that way, and found a Bodhi Tree. He meditated underneath it.
  • He became the Buddha after a month of meditating and was convinced by Brahman, the ultimate force of life to teach others about Dharma, the purpose of life.
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