Babur The Emperor
Updated: 2/3/2021
Babur The Emperor

Storyboard Text

  • In 1526, a New emperor named Babur took over the Empire. He did not like all the different religions in his empire and decided to create some rules.
  • Hahah, I am the new emperor. My people shall call me, Emperor Babur.
  • Sir, can we build a new temple? It would mean a lot since our temple is very old.
  • No! You are not allowed to! I am the emperor, you must follow my rules!
  • The people who followed the Hindu religion became frustrated. They were annoyed that Babur could tell them whether they could or could not build a temple.
  • As years passed, Babur becomes older and ill. He soon died and his illness was unknown.
  • This is when the empire started to go down hill.
  • After the emperor's death, the people wanted to get revenge. They made a plan to burn down the mosques.
  • The mosques had eventually been burned down, and the Hindus got their revenge. After the mosques got burned, things started to change.