Muhammeds life
Updated: 12/12/2019
Muhammeds life
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  • Call to Prophethood
  • Angle Gabriel came to him to give him a messge in 610 C.E and then begane to reseve further revilations from Gabriel.
  • Muslims in Makkah
  • Over time Muhammed began to preach to his own tybe and lots of people did not appreciate that he embraced social equilty . The early followers of Muhammed were the lower class and lots of them were killed beacuse they folloed Muhammed.
  • Year of Sadness
  • Muhammed's wife Khadija and his uncles Abu and Talib all died and Muhammed looked for otheor plases and got mocked outof town.
  • Back at home in Madinah, the Prophet Muhammadbecame ill and passed away.
  • Battles and Treaties
  • The Makkan tribes were not content to let the Muslims settle in Madinah andbe done with it. They sought to destroy the Muslims once and for all, whichled to a series of military battles.
  • Battle of the Trench
  • Battle of Uhud
  • Battle of Badr
  • Death of the Prophet 
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