Between Shades of Gray
Updated: 12/11/2019
Between Shades of Gray
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My Indpendent Reading Book project 3rd 6 weeks)

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  • You have 20 minutes to gather some things. Then meet us outside
  • Lina, mother and Jonas lived in a modest house in Lithuania. One night, 2 NKVD officers broke into their house and told them that they were to "pack a couple of things together and meet us outside in 20 minutes. We are leaving for your own safety." The officers were moving people out of the country because Hitler was on his way into Lithuania. (63 words)"
  • They boarded a train that was meant for animals. They sat on the crowded train full of other people with no windows and no fresh air. They sat on the train for weeks. The NKVD eventually became board and started to find interest in locking the Lithuanians into the car. The people in the car saw no light for weeks. With no food and water, the people began to get sick and some even died on the train. (68 words)We weren't sick but the others were; Jonas had taken to mark the wood boards each day that we had been on the train."
  • The train began to be filled with heat, and horrible smells. Eventually the train came to a stop, and they finally got out of the train. They realized that they were in northern Russia. Here they were forced to do manual labor until the war ended. (46 words)"People said that we were on course for southern Siberia, or possibly China or Mongolia."
  • They lived in tiny shacks that were "10 feet by 10 feet wide with no bathroom, no kitchen, no bed, and no space for a family of three." They were to work in beet fields and the amount of work they did that day would depend on the amount of food that they were given. (56 words)"There isn't a table, a sink, a wardrobe! Where do we sleep? Where is the bathroom?"
  • After several years of several harsh winters, people began to get sick. Jonas got several infections, Lina and mother got lice, and mother even got a serious sickness. Mother got so sick, that she sadly passed away. Shortly after, Lina and Jonas got the "okay" to go back home but they were far from excited. (55 words)"Mother suddenly looked up at Jonas. She opened her mouth . Not a sound came out. The trembling stopped. Her shoulders relaxed and her head fell against him. Her eyes faded to a hollow stare. 'Mother' I said moving closer".
  • Boarding the train was the second saddest day of their lives. They had no where to go since the war had destroyed their house, and they didn't have a father. Mother was gone, and they had no family left. They got on the train and went back to Lithuania. (49 words)"Jonas listen to me. We are going to live. Do you hear me? We are getting to go home! All Right?"
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