There Will Come Soft Rains Storyboard

Updated: 8/31/2021
There Will Come Soft Rains Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • 7 : 00
  • Tick-tock, seven o'clock time to get up seven o'clock!
  • 10 : 15
  • 2 : 00
  • 2 o'clock
  • It is seven in the morning. There is 8 pieces of perfectly browned toast, eight eggs sunny side up, sixteen slices of bacon, two coffees, and some milk.
  • 4 : 30
  • It is ten fifteen. The entire west face of the house was black. There was a silhouette of a man mowing his lawn, a woman bending over to pick a flower and a boy and a girl throwing a ball at each other with open arms.
  • 9 : 05
  • Mrs. McClellan, which poem would you like this evening?
  • It is two in the afternoon. A voice sang "2 o'clock". The regiments of mice clean up and the dog is in the incinerator.
  • 10 : 00
  • Fire! Fire! Fire!
  • It is four thirty. Animals took shape: yellow giraffes, blue lions, pink antelopes, and lilac panthers. On the floor ran aluminum roaches and iron crickets, and in the air still air butterflies.
  • It is nine-five at night. A voice asked what poem Mrs. McClellan wanted to play. A cigar popped out smoking and waiting.
  • It is ten at night. A voice screamed "fire!" on repeat. A tree fell through the kitchen window. A fire from inside the house escaped outside and into the attic where it cause an explosion. From attic trapdoors, blind robot faces peered over with faucet mouths gushing out a green chemical.