Updated: 5/12/2020

Storyboard Description

A man named Virat to another man that go to the cliff through the window so he went ..Then Virat closed the window ........ The another man’ name was Kyle.. Kyle cried and shouted help me help me...He slipped and he was man said that oh no he is dead ... then his Son Danny saw and cried Danny’s son Anand asked is grandpa dead Danny said yes Anand ...Then Danny left the body in a symmetry...bye dad you are dead so call you with your name so bye Kyle...........

Storyboard Text

  • Help me someone help me.
  • Dad ,Is grandpa dead?
  • Oh no my dad how did you die
  • Yes Anand he is dead!!!!
  • Oh no he is dead....
  • Bye dad you are dead so now on I am going call you with your name so bye Kyle