When You Reach Me
Updated: 3/20/2020
When You Reach Me

Storyboard Text

  • Why Do We Yawn
  • Yawn is yawning yes do nywana yawn yawn yawn
  • Sal!
  • It all started the day sal got punched...
  • I started working at a sandwich shop with my new friends, Annemarie and Colin
  • I got 4 mysterious notes at different times
  • thisnote
  • thisis anote
  • this
  • thisis anote
  • I met Marcus, he was the one who punched Sal. He was very interested in time travel.
  • The homeless guy saved Sal's life, but he lost his own.
  • I finally realized, the homeless man was writing the notes. You become the homeless man, you time travel to save Sal. You save his life, Marcus.