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Updated: 10/12/2018
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  • Approach to the Inmost Cave
  • How can I be at peace?! Enkidu is dead!
  • Ordeal
  • I must journey until I find Utnapishtim the Faraway.
  • Reward
  • At the bottom of the ocean there is a plant that can restore your youth.
  • I will journey until I find it!
  • Following the death of Enkidu, Gilgamesh becomes a broken man. He goes into the forest to mourn soon to follow another quest.
  • The Road Back
  • Finally! My journey is complete! I can now return home!
  • The fact that Enkidu dies makes Gilgamesh afraid of the thought of him dying as well. From this he goes on a quest for immortality.
  • Resurrection
  • After his long journey Gilgamesh finally finds Utnapishtim. Utnapishtim then informs him of a flower that can restore youth. Gilgamesh takes this quest.
  • Return With the Elixir
  • Following the information given by Utnapishtim, Gilgamesh finds the flower and begins his journey home.
  • After getting the flower, Gilgamesh stops to take a bath in which a serpent snatches the flower.
  • From gaining all this new information, Gilgamesh learned about mortality and has a new appreciation of humans. Gilgamesh then returns to Uruk with a new mindset for ruler.
  • Uruk...
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