Updated: 10/6/2021

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  • look man,King George i don't think this is gonna isn't gonna do it man
  • you know in life it comes to a point where people have to split apart
  • we hold these fact to be true bro, all men are created equal and we all have rights that cant be taken from us
  • And i ,mean you're just taking these rights away bro you cant be doing man, if tyranny is found we kinda have the right to do something about it
  • like bro some of the things you be doing isn't cool like,you're refusing some of the things we need to make a better public,you wont let the governors pass the laws that need to be made,you've made the Judges rely on your will alone,you've also made offices and sent them to harass our guys
  • look me and my gang are tired we never wanted any attention to you British folks plus we have warned you time to time about attempts made by your Legislater to try and make it so we we make legal decisions
  • The Stamp Act,The Sugar Act,The quartering ,The Boston Tea act,And the Townshend Acts, are intolerable
  • so with all of that being said bro i'm happy to announce that america will be its own free country. And have its own independence as a nation