parte 2
Updated: 3/18/2020
parte 2

Storyboard Text

  • It’s bad manners to hug in public in Singapore.
  • In México, hugging in public is not a bad manner.
  • Sorry, we really didn't know we couldn't do that here.
  • I only knew that in Singapore it was a bad manner to spit on the street as in México.
  • In fact, here you get paid for staying healthy and exercising.
  • Now we realize that Singapore is very different from our country in terms of itsstandards. The bad manners in México are very different.
  • Yes, and it is also a bad manner not to cross the street by the crosswalk
  • Yes, it’s very interesting because our culture is very different from this country.
  • This is all very interesting.
  • This was a trip where they learned the rules of the country and knew the city.
  • And, me too
  • I think I will come to live in a few years.
  • FIN