Module Eight Lesson Two Pathway Three Activity

Updated: 3/18/2021
Module Eight Lesson Two Pathway Three Activity

Storyboard Text

  • B b
  • bb bbBb Bb
  • b b
  • What's a Punnett square you might ask Red? Well I will you tell and you better listen well!
  • Well red, do you know what an allele is? I assume no so let me explain! An allele is like a flavor of a genes and in these genes; there are different types of alleles dominant or recessive. In the Punnett Sqaure a capital letter is dominates while a little letter is recessive. These alleles are the traits that make you who you are. Eye color, height, hair color are all "flavors" of alleles.
  • A Punnett square is tool used by scientist that help scientist figure how the ratios and probability of an offspring with certain characteristics based off the parents of the offspring.
  • To Use a punnett square you need to find the alleles of the parents. When you have them you would put them in a punnet sqaure. If you had "Bb" as the fathers eyes, and "bg" as the mother you would put the father on top and put the B in the first column and the b in the second column. For the mother you would put here on the side and align the b in the first row and the g in the second row