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The Global Warming Project! By: Arabella Perez May 21, 2020
Updated: 5/22/2020
The Global Warming Project!          By: Arabella Perez May 21, 2020
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  • Teacher: Alright class! So today, for science, we are going to be learning about global warming.
  • Oliver: But doesn't global warming have something to do with the Greenhouse effect?
  • Teacher: Yes, Oliver but first, let me tell you what the Greenhouse Effect is.
  • Teacher: Correct! I hope you guys had fun learning about global warming. Time to pack up for home!
  • Teacher: The Greenhouse effect is when gases from the Earth's atmosphere trap the Sun's heat. The three gases from the Greenhouse effect are Carbon dioxide, Methane and Ozone.
  • Melanie: Oh...
  • Teacher: Global Warming can be caused for many reasons. One reason is burning fossil fuels.  That can lead to Global Warming.
  • Teacher:  Greenhouse gases are actually good for our earth, but too much Carbon Dioxide can lead to Global Warming.
  • Teacher: Now, Global Warming is when earth's temperature rises due to the greenhouse effect.
  • Teacher: Humans also cause global warming. Just driving a car can cause global warming.
  • Teacher: One evidence of Global Warming is Sea levels rising. Sea levels are rising because of melting ice caps.
  • Teacher: One consequence we have to face now, because of Global Warming is more natural disasters like storms, and floods.
  • Oliver: Oh no!
  • Teacher: Don't worry, Oliver! There are many ways we can help against global warming.
  • Oliver: There are?! Yes!
  • Melanie: I heard it can get as simple as planting a tree, unplugging charged devices, and even walking instead of driving!
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