Litle Red riding hood

Updated: 6/19/2020
Litle Red riding hood

Storyboard Text

  • Red can you take these cookies to your granny, it’s her favorite.
  • Ok mom, I will be downstairs in a moment.
  • Hey Red. where are you going?
  • Ok, see you later then
  • I'm taking these cookies to my granny
  • I should get to her granny's house before her
  • Hmm, it seems today is my lucky day,I should make a feast out of them.
  • It is not me, silly. It is the smell of cookies
  • Who are you? Where is granny?
  • It is just me here, and you smell tasty!
  • I wonder who is tastier, you or the cookies.
  • Here try this fresh cookie you will like it.
  • since grandma is not here, I suppose you can have them.
  • Here eat this cookie it is very tasty.
  • Yum, it tastes good, give me all of them
  • I will let you go on one condition only
  • bring me more cookies everyday
  • Both becomes friends and leaves the house
  • Ok, but you must become my friend
  • Ok.
  • what condition?