Updated: 2/4/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hello! My name is John Applegate, and today I will show you around the farm and some effects of the Civil War!
  • So, I am a sharecropper, and we work in the farming industry! But, it is quite different from regular farming. This is a way for us in poverty to make a living!
  • But, the catch is that we usually stay in poverty. We never make enough money to receive our own pay. Hopefully this doesn't happen for me.
  • You might think that this is slavery, but this was actually legal and was not slavery, as we make a profit and slaves don't.
  • My landowner provides me with tools, housing, land, and money for food and supplies. But at harvest, I am expected to pay back my tenant or landowner with profit made off the crops.
  • Hopefully this years harvest is successful! See you later, bye!