Journey's end

Updated: 9/9/2021
Journey's end

Storyboard Text

  • In another day at war company C with Stanhope as leadeer is presented with Osborne and Hardy in the dugout having a talk about different things
  • Monday 18 March 1918
  • Hardy laughs about Stanhope's problem with alcohol but Osborne respects Stanhope and does not like what Hardy says
  • He's a long way the best commander we've got
  • Stanhope is an alcoholic
  • HulloYou the new officer?
  • Raleigh arrives after achieving getting reported here, he is very naive and looks to be a bit confused of being there Osborne welcome's him.
  • Good eveningYes, I've been to batallion head quarters. They told me to report here.
  • Osborne knows the relationship Stanhope has with him and his sister so he says that Stanhope has changed and it would be normal if he doesn't act the same way as when they were kids.
  • You might find Stanhope a bit different
  • Mmmm okey
  • Stanhope is confused and dissapointed with the arrival of Raleigh, he didn't expect it and thnks that Raleigh could be bad for him.
  • What are you doing here?!
  • Hello Stannhope
  • Stanhope is really angry and has a paranoia as he thinks Raleigh will think he is a detestable human being and that he is going to tell that to his sister, meaning that they won't be together anymore when goes back.
  • He's going to ruin my life, I won't let him talk to his sister