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Updated: 11/15/2017
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  • Introdution
  • Have you ever heard of language through time?
  • No, but what is it? Sounds interesting....
  • Old English
  • There is a famous poem that was written in old English which is called be Beowulf
  • The time period that old English comes from is 450-1150 
  • Middle English 
  • The time period that middle English belongs to is 1150-1500
  • There was a famous tale written in middle English which is called Canterbury Tales.
  • Shakespeare
  • The time period that Shakespeare belongs to is 1500-1800
  • There were many languages influenced by old English, such as Latin, Greek, French and Arabic. Old English is hard to read because it is written a long time ago and we don't use those words anymore .
  • Slang
  • The chaucers was a well know for his famous tale called the Canterbury tales the tale is about a group of people the go on a pilgrimage from London to Canterbury.The language is hard to read and the spelling and pronunciation of words is different.
  • Conclusion
  • Shakespeare was a very famous person for many reasons, such as, Romeo and Juliet, which was one of 37 plays he wrote. He also created 1700 new words that are still used today. Shakespeare's language was very formal and sentences are written very different today .
  • O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo
  • Slang is very common and is used frequently today. There is regional slang which represents different slang words from different regions, for example in Queensland we say togs and in Victoria they say bathers.
  • The time period that slang belongs to is Modern Age
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