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Updated: 4/28/2020
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  • Do it by letting your eyes wander freely. Look at other beautiful girls
  • But now, my lord, what say you to my suit?
  • My daughter is still very young. She's not even fourteen years old.
  • Rosaline
  • My master is the great and rich Capulet, and if you don"t belong to the house of Montague, please come and drink a cup of wine. Have a nice day!
  • Here it shows that Benvolio was worried about Romeo because he was sad over Roslaine, because she rejected her love. So Benvolio gives Romeo some advice. (Shakespeare 27)
  • I'll look at him and try to like him, at least if what I see is likable.
  • Here it shows a prince named Paris wants to marry Juliet but Capulet thinks she is very young and thinks he should wait two years then try to her her heart. (Shakespeare 29)
  • Your hand is like a holy place that my hand is unworthy to visit.
  • Here it shoes that the servant needed help reading the list because he couldn't so he asked Romeo and Benvolio to read the list then Romeo to crash the party because Rosaline was going to be there so he would try to get her back. (Shakespeare 35)
  • The only man I love is the son of the man I hate !
  • His name is Romeo. He's a Montague. He's the only son of your worst enemy.
  • In this scene it shows the nurse and Lady Capulet were trying to convince Juliet that she should be with Paris because he is a great influence to the family, he is handsome and rich. (Shakespeare 45)
  • In this scene it shows that Romeo and Juliet fell in love at first sight when Romeo arrive at the party. (Shakespeare 67)
  • In this scene Juliet and the Nurse talk then the nurse explains the man she danced with was Romeo which is suppose to be his enemy, but then Juliet doesn't care she still loves him. (Shakespeare 71)
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