Twelfth Night - English Assewssmen
Updated: 3/24/2021
Twelfth Night - English Assewssmen

Storyboard Text

  • John, Olivia and Kevin meets up
  • Yeah
  • Have you heard? There is a new girl coming to school
  • My name is John, she's Olivia and he's Kevin
  • John, Olivia and Kevin meets Lyra
  • Hi, are you the new girl?
  • Yes, I am. My name is Lyra, what about you guys
  • Nice to meet you guys
  • John and Kevin takes interest in Lyra
  • I feel like me and Lyra have a connection, I should get close to her. I hope we're in the same class.
  • Alright, I'm going to head to class
  • Lyra is pretty cute, we might be destined for each other
  • Alright, same
  • Dude, I hope she sits next to me.
  • extreme long shot
  • Lyra is introduced to the class
  • What! no way dude she's sitting with me, Olivia sits with you.
  • You can sit wherever you want.
  • long shot
  • Lyra likes Kevin but choose to sit with John
  • I would really love to sit next to Kevin.
  • Hi john, mind if I sit next to you?
  • Mid shot
  • Olivia likes John but he doesn't know how to confess
  • long shot
  • mid shot
  • Lucky bastard!
  • Take that fool
  • Sure!
  • Long shot
  • SURE!
  • Hi Kevin, can I sit next to you?
  • Wow, I wish I could sit next to John