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Updated: 2/13/2020
storyboard comic

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  • We are hungry, and we want you to come to Paris!!
  • I vow " "not to separate and to reassemble wherever circumstances require, until the constitution of the kingdom is established".
  • AhHhH!! Save me!
  • The women felt that the men who were working in the revolution were not doing enough, and all that they were doing was for male citizens. They also felt the royalty did not understand their suffering. They marched to Paris to drag the king and queen back, and try to take food they thought was in the castle, because the majority of people were starving.
  • I had to stay in the bath for my skin condition, and I died here!
  • People who were unhappy with the way that the meeting of the estates general was going separated to create their own meeting of the national assembly. This group was mostly the third estate, but also wealthier people who wanted change and saw the wrongness of the curent system. The king did not give them a room, but they persisted. The national assembly called its first meeting on a tennis court, and declared they would meet until people noticed them.
  • We are finally fleeing to Austria like my wife has been recommending. Let's hope it is a safe journey.
  • The king of france was executed, after a long period of negative public relations. King Louis was tried for conspiring with the austrians after he tried to flee and executed on January 17, 1972 after he was found guilty. Prophetically, he said before he died that his fear was many more in France would meet his fate.
  • We (France) declare war on Austria!!!
  • Jean Paul Marat was the writer of the revolution, one of the main three people that moved it forward. he had a skin conditon that was only eased by sitting in the bathtub, and he was killed writing in the bathtub. His killer was Charlotte Corday, someone who supported the monarchy. She was executed 4 days later.
  • Marie atoinette was the king's wife, and she was ignorant but sensed that there was a tension in the population, and most people did not like her husband. She kept asking to run away to her family in austria, but he would not. Finally, he agreed, and they fled. He was recongnized by a shopkeeper and arrested, taken back to France and tried.
  • France was scared that un-unified and torn up by revolution, other countries would turn on them and expolit their weakness. Therefore, they declared war on Austria, which is also where the queen was from.