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Updated: 10/2/2021
English storyboard

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  • Hey Lily, i thought you weren't coming to the movies this week; how did you get an approbation to come?
  • Hey Tom, Yesterday I interceded between my parents when they were fighting, and I was the one who solved their issue, so they agreed to let me go out. Now let's go before the movie starts.
  • Next week we should go to the park instead of going to the movies because I'm tired of this hackneyed routine of every week.
  • That would be great and let's tell Hannah too because she's been giving me innuendos, lately, that she wants to go out with us. Now let's go get some snacks and drinks.
  • Do you want buttered popcorn?
  • No, the popcorn here is very unctuous and greasy. I'll just have a drink.