Updated: 10/13/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Helloo,My name is Carla. Im on an adventure to explore weathering,erosion, and depostion. iF YOU WANT TO COME LET GETS ON OUR WAY.
  • Here is an enxample . Let see how everything started
  • It was once a normal rock bu earths surface cahnges everyday. Several things might have affected it. But it looks like rock changed by water which is part of mechanical weathring.
  • Everytime of a drop of water hits the rock it brings part of the rock with it causing the rock to change its size and looks and this is called weathring.
  • Then the rock sediments are dragged with the water and are brought to another place and this is erosion.
  • In this case it is brought to this river and is layed down somewhere withhin or next to the river and this is called depositon.