Be Careful Who You Make Fun Of
Updated: 3/12/2020
Be Careful Who You Make Fun Of
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  • Narrator: There once was a girl who just transferred into a new school. Her name was Jane Beckerman. She was someone who loved school.
  • "Pig"
  • "Dumbo"
  • Can you believe this Jane girl? She thinks just cause she is new that everyone is going to like her.
  • Amelia
  • I know right! “I can see that she is trying to ingratiate herself with everyone so that she can be the new popular girl. But we won’t let that happen!”
  • Joseline
  • Jane
  • *Jane just minding her own business*
  • Narrator: After that, Amelia and Joseline began to torment Jane every day at school.
  • Ew who let the trash inside
  • Narrator: Jane would sometimes try to reason with them. Her gentle and careful words did nothing to quell the anger boiling within Amelia and Joseline. The two girls felt as though Jane was trying to sneak her way into being more popular than them. This was the only reason why they were so infuriated.
  • Narrator: One day, Jane was pushed to her limit.
  • *Runs out of class crying*
  • You're such a dummy! Why are you even in this class? Actually, Why are you even in this school? Pathetic
  • Narrator: Jane had too much than she could handle. She ran out of class in tears. Suddenly, she bumped into someone by accident. She bumped into a teacher she had never seen around before. The woman asked Jane what was wrong and at that very moment, Jane told the woman everything
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