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Outsiders fan fiction
Updated: 3/27/2019
Outsiders fan fiction
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  • “Thanks grease,” I said, trying to grin. Then I insently regreted saying thet. Gosh that was stupid. I didnt mean it like that. I meant, thanks, kid.” “My names Ponyboy,” He said. Nice talkin’ to you, Randy.” As Ponyboy left my car I sat thinking about what he had to say. This whole thing is a catastrophe.
  • Maybe he acutally gets what I was saying he seemed like he didnt want to fight either. Maybe hes right it is the indivifdual. Maybe I need to be more like Ponyboy and Johnny who risked their lifes saving kids they were just as heroic and gallant like the southern gentlemen from my favorite book gone in the wind. And less like socs and Bob who died because he was fighting innocent kids. I can do something to stop this.
  • A few days later I had heard about johnnys death so i sent a letter to Ponyboy to tell him about how I wish I could be more like him and johnny. I decided to go to the grocery store. All of a sudden a greaser comes running right next to me hitting my shoulder. "Watch it grease," I shout at him. Everthing in his hands falling. The packages were hitting the ground leaving a trail behind him.
  • I follow him outside to see what was going on. The sound of a police siren makes me jump. I see him running to a vacant lot where Ponyboy and a bunch of his friends are waiting. I saw the police car pull up. I know I had to help this guy even though it was wrong.
  • All of a sudden I see a policeman jump out of his car with a gun in his hand. I see the greaser pull out a gun as well. The policeman shoots and I jump in front of the bullet. Its like the bullet said dont do it but it was to late. The last thing I saw was the shock and disapointment on the boys face who life I saved. Why was he sad?
  • I wake up a few days later in a hospital bed.
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