Stories and Storyboards with Holes
Updated: 11/9/2020
Stories and Storyboards with Holes

Storyboard Text

  • Camp GreenLake
  • Hector runs away from camp.
  • Stanley then runs after him and ends up finding Hector camped out underneath a boat, living off of super old fruit he calls “sploosh”.
  • The conflict starts when Hector starts feeling really sick, and barely being able to walk on his own.
  • Camp GreenLake
  • Stanley starts to carry Hector up the mountain. “Higher and higher he climbed. His strength came from somewhere deep inside himself and also seemed to come from the outside as well. After focusing on Big Thumb for so long, it was as if the rock had absorbed his energy and now acted like a kind of giant magnet pulling him toward it” (Sachar 75).
  • At that point, They reach the top of the mountain, and Stanley finds the onions and the water, so he feeds Hector.
  • Finally, in the end, both Hector and Stanley start to feel better, and started going back to camp to look for the treasure. They end up leaving Camp Green Lake together because Stanley refuses to abandon Hector. “Stanley stopped and turned to look at Zero. He couldn’t just leave him here. Zero gave him thumbs-up. “I can’t leave Hector,” Stanley said (Sachar 97).
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