The New England Colonies by Ali Chammout
Updated: 1/29/2021
The New England Colonies by Ali Chammout

Storyboard Text

  • Plymouth Colony
  • Hello we are the Separatist pilgrims and we founded the Plymouth colony for religious freedom.
  • We govern ourselves with the Mayflower compact
  • Massachusetts Bay
  • Hello I am john Winthrop and the Puritans came here on 11 sips for religious freedom
  • The puritans are self-governed and chose me to governor.
  • Rhode Island
  • Hello we are Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson and we founded Rhode island for religious freedom
  • We are Self-governed
  • Connecticut
  • We farm for a living
  • Hello I am Reverend Thomas Hooker and I founded Connecticut for religious freedom and better farmland
  • New Hampshire
  • Hello I am John Mason and I founded New Hampshire for better land. We fish for a living here.
  • Settlers and Native Americans
  • I am King Philip and I want the Wampanoag land back
  • No You will never get your land back!