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Storyboard US History
Updated: 2/7/2020
Storyboard US History
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  • Whats happening? Where am I? Who are you? And what year is it?
  • I'm James Madison and the British are burning the capitol! It's 1814 and we're in the middle of the war of 1812! We have to get out of here! Follow me!
  • What is going to happen to all the valuables in the White House? All the important documents will be destroyed!
  • My wife is at the White House now gathering everything she can. But for now we have to get out of the city! I can hear them coming!
  • I sure hope so. It's sad to see the capitol like this......
  • I sure hope Dolley made it out okay. Hopefully she was able to gather everything of importance
  • During the war of 1812, which was caused by trade issues between the USA and Britain, experienced British soldiers marched through Washington D.C and burned the capitol. James Madison was president and he had to evacuate the city to escape danger. The British occupied the capitol for one day.
  • History? Oh yes! I remember now! We learned about this! Your wife saved many valuable things and the capitol will be rebuilt and the nation will thrive!
  • The British will pay for what they have done. History will remember this day and what comes after.
  • James Madison's wife saved many artifacts from the white house. Some of the most famous things being the portrait of Washington. The original copy of the constitution was also moved temporarily.
  • No problem. I'm glad I got to come along and live this history.
  • HEY! WAKE UP!!!
  • I appreciate you coming along with me and helping me get out of the capitol!
  • The capitol was burned and almost nothing survived. Although it was burned the original capitol wasn't even completed yet. Its rebuilding took until 1817 to finish again.
  • Wow. I'm glad I got to experience American history first hand. I'll never forget that!!!
  • HEY! WAKE UP!!!
  • The end of the war ended with the treaty of Ghent. In the end the USA nor Britain gained or lost any land and the end of the war actually brought the two countries together. The war sparked american manufacturing.
  • James Madison fled to Maryland was the British swept through the capitol. He was able to return just three days after the capitol was burned. Madison served the rest of his term residing at the city’s Octagon House.
  • The effect of the war was very influential although it wasn't a victory. The war formed a bond that has not ever been broken between the USA and Britain. The end of this war also ushered in the "Era of Good Feelings." (SSUSH6 Analyze the challenges faced by the first five presidents and how they responded.Explain James Madison’s presidency in relation to the War of 1812 and the war’s significance in the development of a national identity.)
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