Burning of Executive Mansion
Updated: 2/14/2020
Burning of Executive Mansion

Storyboard Text

  • "OH NO The British Are Coming."
  • "why dose it have to be so hard to get down."
  • "Hurry They Are Coming."
  • Dolley Madison was waiting for James Madison to come back from the battlefield to meet his generals. While she was waiting for him she was making dinner when she got word that the British were coming.
  • "GO GO GO."
  • When she got word that they were coming she ran to get a portait of Gorge Washington. She knew that the British would take the portrait as a trophy.
  • "Their not here so let just burn it down."
  • "Ok Sir but let's not let this food go to waste."
  • Before the British had came Dolley Feld to Maryland, where she will meet James Madison.
  • "I can't belive I made it out of there alive. I even with the portrait."
  • When the British got there they were surprised to discover that they had fled to Maryland.
  • When the British came in to the Exclusive Mansion they discovered the food that Dolley was preparing for James Madison. Before they set the house on fire they sat down and tested on the food.
  • After the British burned down the Exclusive Mansion that night a thunderstorm put out the fire. Even thought the Exclusive Mansion was rebuilt Dolley and James Madison stayed at the Octagon House until James Madison finished his term.