SST Holiday Homework- Annika Shenoy 7B1
Updated: 7/17/2020
SST Holiday Homework- Annika Shenoy 7B1
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All About Alauddin Khalji

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  • Alauddin Khalji was the second ruler of the Khalji Dynasty. He ruled from 1296-1316. He was the successor of Jalaluddin Khalji, who ruled from 1290-1296.
  • Delhi was attacked twice, in 1299 / 1300 and 1302-1303. As a defensive measure, Alauddin Khalji raised a large standing army.
  • Alauddin constructed a new garrison town named Siri for his soldiers.
  • The soldiers had to be fed. This was done through the produce collected as tax from lands between the Ganga and Yamuna. Tax was fixed at 50 per cent of the peasant's yield.
  • Alauddin paid the soldiers salaries in cash rather than iqtas. When soldiers would buy supplies from merchants in Delhi, they feared that the merchants would raise prices.To stop this Alauddin controlled price rates of goods in Delhi and merchants who did not sell goods at prescribed rates were punished.
  • Alauddin's administrative measures were quite successful and chroniclers praised his reign for its cheap prices and efficient supplies of goods in market. He successfully withstood the thread of Mongol invasions.
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