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Updated: 2/8/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Character vs. Character
  • I didn't mean to! I didn't think! I forgot! That' all I hear out of you! Can't you think of anything?
  • Darry...
  • Character vs. Self
  • Johnny... he's dead.
  • Ponyboy, what's the matter?
  • Character vs. Society
  • I went to sleep in the lot...
  • ...afraid to call the police because something like that could get you two thrown in a boys' home so quick it'd make your head spin.
  • Hey, Ponyboy, where ya been?
  • This is the scene that leads up to Ponyboy running away with johnny, which then leads to Johnny killing Bob and them having to run away.
  • I said I didn't mean to...
  • Ponyboy didn't really believe that johnny was dead and he was having this conflict with himself in this scene. in his mind, he is saying "But he's not dead, a voice in my mind kept saying." (Hinton 152)
  • This is also leading up to Ponyboy running away. It is character vs society because soda and ponyboy could get thrown in a boys' home if they do something bad.