Julius Caesar Part 1 - Marius S.

Updated: 9/7/2020
Julius Caesar Part 1 - Marius S.

Storyboard Text

  • The tribunes Flavius and Murellus scold the people who are celebrating Caesar's victory against Pompey, for abandoning their jobs for the day.
  • Victory!
  • Victory!
  • Victory!
  • He just got more power! He is a dictator!
  • Shame!
  • Caesar and his entourage walk through the streets. While doing so, a Soothsayer warns Caesar of March 15th. Caesar ignores him.
  • And so, I beat Pompey! ... (Conversation continues)
  • Beware of the Ides of March!
  • Meanwhile, a senator who despises Caesar named Cassius is plotting the murder of Caesar. Cassius talks to Brutus (the best friend of Caesar) and attempts to make him dislike Caesar to make him a co-conspirator against Caesar.
  • I don't know Cassius.
  • Brutus, this is no longer a republic. It is a dictatorship run by Caesar! We can stop him!
  • On his way home, Brutus thought about what Cassius said earlier that day. Cassius's plan to manipulate Brutus was working flawlessly.
  • Maybe, what Cassius said is true. Rome is no longer a republic, but instead a dictatorship.
  • As part of Cassius's plan, he planted fake letters from supposed concerned citizens in his house regarding Caesar having to much power. Cassius knew this would make Brutus join the conspiracy as he foolishly loved the republic.
  • Please help us, Brutus! I am concerned that Julius Caesar is a dictator. Rome is no longer a republic!Citizen of Rome
  • Something has to be done against Caesar!