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Updated: 9/30/2020
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  • The story opens in a remote seaside village where a young family of three live: Kino, Juana, and their infant son Esiquiel. Although they are poor, the family lives a happy life.
  • One day Esiquel is bitten by a scorpion and Kino and Juana do not have money for treatment. So, Kino goes out into the ocean in search of a pearl.
  • At home Juana is praying for her baby and that her husband will find a big pearl. Her prays were answered and Kino finds Big Pearl. After Esiquel is cured they attract robbers to their home and its about the pearl.
  • The 2 Inevitably decide they must leave. Juana Decides to go home to gather their belongings while Kino goes to ready the canoe. However, they are each met with a disaster: Kino finds the canoe destroyed and Juana finds the house has been set on fire.
  • The family leaves to travel up the mountain to get the capital city. Kino realizes that they are being followed and he tries to create false trails for the trackers. When he finally finds the trackers he attempts tom attack them. Yet, at the same moment, Esiquel and a gun shot is heard. Kino kills the trackers and sees his son is shot.
  • Carrying their dead child, they emerge from the mountain back at their village, where the community silently looks on. Kino then takes the pearl ans throws it has hard as he can into the ocean.
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