Thomas Han - Code Talkers
Updated: 3/2/2021
Thomas Han - Code Talkers

Storyboard Text

  • How can we gather information without the darn enemies knowing?
  • We could use the Navajo language.
  • Lo-Tso = WhaleCa-Lo = SharkBesh-Lo = Iron FishCha = BeaverToh-Dine-Ih = Sea Force
  • The U.S navy use codes to transport information through radios. However, the enemies could decipher the code. Now, the navy must find another way to communicate crucial information.
  • Toh-Dine-IhBesh-Lo
  • However, that all changed when Philip Johnston suggested the navy to use Navajo language as a code since the language was complex and hardly written.
  • Besh-Lo
  • In 1942, the navy decided to gather a group of Navajo men and trained them to create a code based on the Navajo language.
  • Eventually, around 400 Navajo men became "Code Talkers" and were successful at it.
  • The code talkers communicated important information in Navajo and passed the information onto the U.S Marines.
  • The code talkers weren't publicly awarded after the war. However, in 2001, they were awarded the Congressional Gold Medals.