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Updated: 1/19/2020
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  • Exposition
  • Ha ha! You are scared to go alone!Well you know what, I remember being scared when I was your age!
  • Rising action
  • Buells
  • Climax
  • I can't believe Ma never cleaned this place, it's so dirty
  • It doesn't matter anymore, she's dead
  • She's dead!?!?!!
  • Mrs. Buell never smilled, little kids do not like her although they do not hate her. Most of them are scared to go alone and Katharine also admit it.
  • Falling action
  • Hey!! What are you doing here, Harry you were supposed to lock the doors.
  • If you don't want anything then SCRAM!! Chop Chop!
  • I gotta tell Emily!
  • One day in the past, Katharine tripped while going in BUELLS. Without hesitation, Mrs. Buell jumped off her chair and ran to help her out. Mrs. Buell reacted so quickly that it changed the whole point of view about miss Buell. And now Katharine feels sorry for not saying thank you.
  • Resolution
  • Emily!! Mrs Buell died!!
  • Yeah I know! She had a daughter!! She died of a heart attack and her full name is KAtharine
  • One day Kate finally went to thank Mrs Buell but she was too late. She learns that Mrs. Buell died by eavesdropping Glo and Harry while they were cleaning the store.
  • Theme
  • In the short story mrs Buell the main theme is ; you really appreciate or miss someone or something when it's gone. Katharine had a bad feeling about mrs buell but that was until she help her with her injured knee. From that on she really wanted to thank her for weeks (but she was nervous) then when she was brave enough it was too late. The narrator is trying to tell us to always admire what you have and never take it for granted. One day it might be lost forever and wished you've appreciate it more.
  • When they found out that a girl was listening to their conversation, Glo kicked her out. Glo is one of Mrs. Buell's but did not really cared because Mrs. Buell wouldn't help her with finance. She (Glo) is mad that she(Mrs. Buell) didn't help.
  • Woops
  • My name is Katharine!!
  • When Katharine got home she called her friend Emily and talked about what happened to miss Buell and who she really was. Katharine regrets not saying thank you or even smilling back. It left a hole in her life and realised that she cannot always take things or people for granted.
  • No, she is just mrs Buell
  • Conflict; Person vs Self- Katharine can't make up her mind Person vs Person- Glo and Harry shutting the neighbourhood kid's favourite candy storePerson vs Nature- Katharine tripped while going in the store and in the end it left a hole in her life.
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