The Broken Blade
Updated: 2/27/2020
The Broken Blade

Storyboard Text

  • I must take my fathers place as a voyageur!
  • Want deer skin on your oar so you don't get blisters.
  • Sure! Thanks!
  • I wonder how my Father is? How is Celeste without me?
  • La Londe!
  • Pierre's dad gets hurt doing Pierre's job, cutting wood. Pierre decides he must fufil his fathers tasks. When he leaves he will Be leaving behind his family, Celeste, and He won't get a proper education.
  • They stop at the Church and bring a donation. Pierre is Getting a bit Homesick, He did'nt really know what he was getting into. His hands are soar, but some members of his canoe help him.
  • Our Brigade Decided to Run the rapids, The waves started to get bigger! The bow plunged under water. La Londe fell out of the canoe! We searched and searched for him but we could'nt find him.
  • Were so happy your back!
  • The Birgade decides to go through the lake, to loose 20 miles of paddling time. The waves were deadly! They were so bad we decided to pull up to an island for the night! No wonder the weather was so perfect before!
  • Pierre is happy he is half way through the journey! He feels a bit releaved that there is only the journey back He goes with Charbeneou and meets indians named Kennewah and Mukwa!
  • Pierre returned to Lachine with his Brigade, He is happy to be back! But is extremley excited to go back next year, to see his friends. This trip was so cool, Pierre is definitley happy with the experience.