Updated: 3/2/2021

Storyboard Text

  • More than 100 pyramids have been built. The largest one by far is the Pyramid of Giza
  • Did you know that the ancient Egyptians are mostly known for building the pyramids?
  • Pyramids were built to store the pharaoh after death. The body of the pharaoh was mummified and put in a sarcophagus
  • The pyramid didn't only store the pharaoh but also his treasure and the bodies of hisservants.
  • Not many people know this but the shape of the pyramid represents the Sun's rays shining down
  • Also, the materials they used for the pyramid came from a quarry. The blocks for the pyramid were hauled on sleds
  • When the blocks got to the building site, they were added to the pyramid.
  • In conclusion pyramids were just one of the building blocks of the Egyptian community