Africa storyboard
Updated: 3/11/2020
Africa storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Hi, Hello there how's your day?
  • I think that we should unite with the other extended family because we're not getting the crops that we need.
  • Farming is starting to get hard, and even with all this work we aren't finding everything we need.
  • Oh no the sky is starting to turn gray. I better ask another family to help me just in case a flood occurs.
  • An extended family is usually made up of relatives (grandparents, aunts, and uncles). There were normally about 15-20 people. They settled south of the Sahra to be able to farm.
  • In a village there were normally about 100-200 people. There were walls that surrounded the village that was about Archeologists have discovered ruins of high walls and gates at the ancient West African village. These structures suggest that the villagers united to defend themselves from attacks by outsiders.
  • Exteneded families united in time of need. For example, when they needed to trade to get the crops they couldn't produce themselves they would ask one another, or when one needed help to control flooding. This eventually turned into a village of people.
  • Give me the money.
  • Bring me the people.
  • The king taxed the people, and made people pay tribute to hime. tribute was a sign that you ahve given up and agree for the king to be you rnew leader. With all this money he was able to pay for armies and conquer more land and more people who then have to pay tribute to him. This made him vrey rich.