Updated: 2/8/2021

Storyboard Text

  • And I'll teach you the important things we need to do when a sudden earthquake happens.
  • Before
  • I'm preparing our needs incase of emergency so that we can easily find it
  • Dad why are you calling me?
  • During
  • After
  • Are you ok son?
  • I'm good, don't worry about me
  • I'm ok, how about dad?
  • FOOD
  • Before an earthquake we must prepare all the things that we can use in case of emergency, learn how to conduct a first aid, and also explaining to your family the different situations of disaster so that you'll be able to know where you'll go whenever you're separated from your family.
  • FOOD
  • During an earthquake we need to stay calm. If you're indoors stay there and find a concrete furniture to take cover, stay until the shaking stops. If you're in outdoors don't stop on the places wherein you're prone in falling debris and if you're in a car you need to stop and stay inside that car.
  • After an earthquake, you should check yourself if you have some injuries. Also check the gas stove, electric ports and other things that may cause fire. Turn off all of the power source to prevent some fire issues. Then go to the designated area where you and your family are safe, listen to the radio for some information and the announcements of the local government in your area for you to be able to evacuate safely.